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The oldest hotel in Barnaul.

We work since 1941.



The Altai Hotel is located in the historical and cultural center of the city of Barnaul, which perfectly combines business activity, entertainment and quiet measured life.

In 1937 the Altai Territory was founded. Barnaul became the administrative, industrial and cultural center. For this reason, it was decided to urgently build a modern large hotel. Already in June 1938 it was decided that the hotel would have 120 beds, with a department store on the first floor. The hotel became a part of the new social and administrative center of Barnaul, which according to the plan was created on Lenin Avenue from Internatsionalnaya Street to Nikitina Street. In the place of the wooden building, besides the hotel, a residential house of the NKVD, the House of Unions and the regional committee of the All-Union Communist Party (then the regional committee of the CPSU, and now the House of Justice) was built. Building of the hotel began in 1941.

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