Very polite staff, all the furniture is new and clean, in a very good taste. They clean well, the staff is friendly, always make advances. I liked your place.


Very nice, new and comfortable hotel! We were just thrilled!


Excellent renovation. Great atmosphere, quality is much higher than the price.

Дерябина Светлана

Amazing interior and very friendly staff. Now on a business trip I will only stop at you! thanks

Полковникова Ксения

Great hotel! Everything is stylish and in good taste! The staff is great. The rooms have huge beds with very good pillows. It was comfortable to sleep! There are restaurants nearby, and you can also eat at the hotel. Everything's fine.

Отзыв от Кирилла с сайта

After the restoration of the hotel building and renovation of the premises, the Altay hotel can be called the top hotel in Barnaul: a pleasant interior, modern and comfortable furniture. The advantage of my room was a balcony overlooking Lenin Avenue a

Отзыв от Андрея с сайта

Excellent location, friendly and polite staff, the rooms have everything you need for comfort, everything is new. And the most important thing is a nice price

Отзыв от Анастасии с сайта

The cafe of the Altay hotel is an intelligent and cozy meeting place. Friendly, attentive, but at the same time unobtrusive service..

Отзыв от Ирины из Instagram

An amazing work was done! I am always very happy for our city when such locations appear. Aesthetics, style and harmony!

Отзыв от Дарьи из Instagram

How cool the hotel has changed! How cool the hotel has changed! I stopped in for coffee, learning that they had a complete renovation! I felt like I was in Europe, such a wonderful interior, marvelous service and delicious coffee. I will definitely vis

Отзыв от Оксаны из Instagram