Чудесные номера, прекрасное обслуживание. Приготовили завтрак к раннему выезду. Спасибо большое!
Сегодня проведена замечательная экскурсия по гостиницы "Алтай". Администратор Елизавета рассказала об истории создания, особенностях гостиницы, показала номерной фонд. Всё очень интересно, позновательно, достойно. Огромное спасибо!!
Отличный отель в историческом здании с очень удобным месторасположением.
Игорь Арсентьев
Остановились на ночь (сами с Кузбасса). Прекрасное место. Уютная обстановка. Персонал доброжелательный. Остановитесь, загляните, вам понравится. Рекомендуем
Рина (2ГИС)
Уютная гостиница. Вежливый персонал. Красивое историческое здание. Центр города.
Баженова Надежда
Отличная гостиница! Отзывчивый персонал! Комфортные номера! Чисто, уютно! Хорошая кухня)
Иван Андреевич
Хорошая уютная гостиница, обслуживание отличное.
Станислав Андропов (2ГИС)
Все доброжелательные ,мир на сердце! Так держать!
Сергей Панченко (2ГИС)
Очень уютно. Просторные номера. Интерьер впечатляет. Кабельное. На завтрак на выбор 2 блюда. Очень сытно и вкусно
Максим Чувашов (2ГИС)
Отдыхал в у вас в отеле, все очень классно , Отличный персонал, официант Александр и Бармен Данил очень классные ребята. Спасибо вам огромное.
Артем (2ГИС)
Обслуживание на высшем уровне, официанты Юлия и Елена просто потрясающие- украшение гостиницы. Кухня очень вкусная и совершенно приемлемые цены! Спасибо огромное!)”
Влад Зинченко (2ГИС)
Спасибо. Все было замечательно, чистый номер, приветливый персонал. Вкусный завтрак по системе шведский стол.
Григорий (2ГИС)
We would like to express our gratitude to the whole staff of the hotel for the warm hospitality. Thank you for a perfectly arranged romantic dinner, well-prepared dishes, delicious breakfast. Thank you for our first morning as a new family.
A good hotel for a business trip, a hotel after a major renovation, everything is fresh and clean. Conveniently located in the center. My accommodation included breakfasts - quite tasty and hearty. Very friendly staff.
A great hotel!!! Responsive and friendly staff, delicious and hearty breakfasts! All my expectations have exceeded themselves! The rooms are all new and clean, and the most important thing is a comfortable bed!
What is important on a business trip? Sleep well. Beautiful wide beds, comfortable mattress, pillows... Not a dream, but a dream)) The room has everything you need, a full set of cosmetics and hygiene products. Polite staff. A delicious, hearty breakfast.
The room, and the hotel itself after renovation, everything is clean, beautiful, convenient. The breakfast menu is very decent, the staff is well trained. Perfect bed in the room. Generally only positive impressions.
A good hotel for this money. Fresh renovation, very clean. Nice breakfast. Friendly staff. Perfect comfort and quality for little money

Clean and comfortable rooms, polite and friendly staff! Everything is super!

Very worthy. Better than many European hotels of this class!
Very worthy. Better than many European hotels of this class!
Станислав Каунов
I lived in room 317, a spacious room with a comfortable double bed, opposite a large TV. The room has everything you need: bottled water, tea, coffee and all the accessories. Excellent renovation.

Great hotel !!! Stylish design, original chic stucco and stairs have been preserved. Incredibly comfortable pillows. The bed was like a cloud, I didn't want to leave it. The restaurant on the ground floor has not big but veeery tasty menu


I want to express my deep gratitude to the staff and your entire establishment! Thanks to you our wedding was held at the highest level !!! We are very happy with everything. The room is gorgeous, everything is clean, comfortable, atmospheric. Than

Крючихин Максим Александрович (г. Барнаул)

I would like to express gratitude to all staff of the Altay Hotel for a hospitality, attention, kindness, delicious breakfasts, excellent rooms. I liked everything very much, only good impressions of the hotel remained. Well done!

Литвинова Анастасия Михайловна (р.п. Маслянина, Новосибирская область,

We sincerely thank the management and staff of the Altay Hotel and the Altay Restaurant. Good design and renovation in the rooms, comfortable beds and furniture, delicious and healthy food in the hotel restaurant are very pleasing.

Веремеенко Анжелика Владимировна (г. Кемерово)

We express our deep gratitude and appreciation to the entire team of the Altay Hotel, especially to the manager of the cafe Anastasia and the waiters for their high professionalism. Everyone was greeted and saw off with a smile and the kindest wishes.

Козлова Светлана Владимировна (Алтайский край, Кытмановский район)

Great interiors, furnishings, good breakfasts, friendly staff.


Excellent service, the warmest attitude during the whole trip to Barnaul


Everything is clean and comfortable, good breakfasts, excellent location. I stayed one night in a standard single room.